We believe that the success of any air testing program is dependent on the careful selection and blending of program managers, field and laboratory personnel, and technical support staff. Horizon is proud of its team of air quality scientists, analysts, and emissions testing specialists. Together, as well as individually, they have demonstrated the ability and eagerness to provide the most complete and reliable emissions testing services available.



Technical staff organization and responsibilities are described below:


The Technical Director (over 30 years experience) is responsible for the oversight of all technical activities at Horizon. In this capacity, the Technical Director is responsible for the formulation, updating and implementation of the Quality Program. The Technical Director is also responsible for business development activities.


The Technical Operations Manager (over 10 years experience) is responsible for the daily oversight of all technical and project-related activities within Horizon. The Technical Operations Manager is also responsible for daily implementation, oversight and enforcement of the Quality Program.

QA/QC Officer

The QA/QC Officer (over 10 years direct experience) is responsible, in coordination with the Technical Director, for the formulation and implementation of the Horizon Quality Program. The QA/QC officer reports directly to the Technical Operations Manager. The QA/QC Officer is a Qualified Individual (QI) as defined in ASTM D7036-04.



The Project Manager (minimum 3 years experience) is the primary client contact and is responsible for interfacing with Agency personnel, test plan preparation, project labor and equipment budgeting, laboratory and logistical coordination, and direct oversight and performance of field sampling activities. The project manager is also responsible for completion of the final report. The QA/QC Officer is a Qualified Individual (QI) as defined in ASTM D7036-04.



Air Quality Technician's primary function is to efficiently and effectively perform applicable Reference Methods in support of emissions testing programs.


In addition to technical project staff, the success and responsiveness of our emissions testing services are a direct result of the full compliment of high-quality Horizon technical support and administrative staff. The technical/administrative support staff responsibilities are described below:


The Laboratory Manager (over 20 years experience) is responsible for the analysis of all source samples and interfacing with all subcontractor labs to ensure appropriate analytical techniques and QA/QC procedures are specified and adhered to. The Laboratory Manager also maintains the stock and quality of all sample media and reagents; glassware, calibration gasses, laboratory equipment supplies, hardware and sample archives.


The Equipment Manager (with over 20 years of direct experience) maintains the stock, quality and calibration of all Horizon field sampling equipment. Horizon realizes that the proper quantity and quality of field sampling equipment is integral to providing timely and quality emissions testing results. Horizon has instituted a formal and documented equipment tracking and calibration system. 



The Administrative/Finance Director (with over 30 years direct experience) is responsible for contract administration, client billing, job cost tracking, day-to-day finance management, payroll, profit plan administration, oversees data servers and employee medical/workers compensation insurance plans, commercial insurance decisions, insures compliance with federal and state employee law and the Employee Handbook.



The Technical Administrative Assistant is responsible for the publication of emissions testing-related documents including proposals, test plans, reports and correspondences.



The Office Manager (over 20 years direct experience) oversees and supervises all office-related administrative functions.