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Horizon’s corporate office and in-house laboratory facilities are located in Camarillo, California, approximately 40 miles north-west of Los Angeles. This facility includes:

Administrative office-space

Gravimetric Laboratory

Our gravimetric laboratory, or weighing room, is an environmentally controlled, isolated room that is used exclusively for gravimetric determinations. 

Field Sampling Equipment Storage, Preparation, and Staging Areas

Horizon maintains a secure enclosure for the storage of all field sampling equipment, calibration gas cylinders, and spare parts and instrumentation. The equipment storage enclosure is under the complete control of the equipment manager, who manages the flow of field equipment to and from the enclosure. This ensures the availability, fitness and calibration of all sampling equipment for field use.

SCAQMD - Certified Rule 1174 test facility

Horizon has constructed a SCAQMD - certified test facility to test barbecue ignition products to certify compliance with SCAQMD Rule 1174 and CARB/EPA VOC emissions requirements.

SCAQMD Method 25.1 Trap Burning/Tank Conditioning Laboratory

Horizon operates a SCAQMD Method 25.1, sample collections and condensate analysis. Also contained within the laboratory is a Method 25.1 (12-liter tank) and a Method 25.3 (Summa canister) sample tank, cleaning, purging and evacuation system.

Secure Sample Storage Room

All laboratory samples are stored in a locked sample storage room, which is equipped with storage units which maintain sample integrity appropriate for all types of of laboratory samples associated with emissions testing, including air toxics. The sample storage room is under the exclusive control of the sample manager.

Wet chemistry Laboratory

Horizons wet chemistry laboratory is used for wet chemicals analyses, sample preparation and extractions, condensate dry downs, solution preparation, glassware cleaning/conditioning and preparation, and sample container cleaning and preparation.

Calibration Laboratory

All field sampling equipment is calibrated in-house in accordance with USEPA, CARB and SCAQMD requirements by the equipment manager in an area dedicated exclusively for this purpose. All calibrations are kept current utilizing a complete inventory of calibration standards maintained at Horizon.


Horizon uses state-of-the-art field sampling equipment and instrumentation. Our sampling systems are specified and field tested by our air quality scientists to provide the most efficient and accurate data/sample collection possible. A large inventory of spare field sampling equipment is maintained at Horizon and in the field to minimize down-time due to equipment malfunction.

All equipment preparation, tracking, servicing and calibration is maintained at regular intervals by a dedicated Equipment Manager to ensure reliable operation and minimal downtime.


Horizon’s mobile emissions laboratories provides on-site test results and real-time emission measurements. Each mobile continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) lab is fully equipped for on-site of criteria pollutants (NOx, CO, THC, SO2, CO2, O2) using state-of-the-art analyzers. An Excel-based data acquisition and processing system provides emission test results in final format for immediate on-site use and evaluation by our clients.

In addition to the mobile CEM laboratories, Horizon utilizes a modular CEM system housed in a self contained 16-foot trailer. This system can also be used for applications in which the equipment must be shipped to remote, mobile, offshore or overseas locations. The equipment is mounted in portable shock-resistant rack mounts which allow for safe shipment and efficient, on-site, setup and breakdown.

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